Becoming a mom and two things I meant to post weeks ago…!


It has been so long.

I apologize….

…the past two months were full of end of pregnancy, giving birth, and trying to figure out how a baby works.

So many emotions, fears, joys, tears, laughs, and new experiences. I can hardly even process it all.

It’s wonderful and scary and overwhelming and exciting.

I will write more about it all in the coming months, but there were a few things I wanted to share that had been draft posts for WEEKS and are time sensitive so here they are in no particular order…!

An incredible art show at The Whitney Library I had been wanting to share since November is closing this coming week. 

Eric Vozzola’s Low Res is such a beautiful love letter to the west!

I hope you can all at least enjoy his website (and his public murals around town) even if you can’t make it to the free show at the east side Whitney Library.

The other time sensitive item I wanted to call out was an exhibit at the Palazzo about The Rolling Stones!

Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones is on view through February, and if you’re a classic rock fan I highly recommend taking the trip down to the Strip for a visit.

Tickets are a bit pricey, at about $35 a pop, but for what you get to see and the reality of pricing for any activity on the Strip, it’s not bad.

And the exhibition features art, costumes, memorabilia, video footage, tour renderings, instruments, and interactive elements about the history of the Stones.

We spent about 2 hours there looking through everything they had on view and I felt like I could have stayed for longer!

It feels so nice to have a few minutes to write this post.

I look forward to writing more in the coming weeks whenever baby is sleeping for a bit!

I’ve missed you all terribly and happy sobering this weekend my friends!

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