Sober in Vegas: Sober-Friendly Strip Tips #8, “The Park”

Before I start on today’s sober-friendly Strip Tips, I wanted to share an article that I thought was just awesome.

It’s “52 Celebrities Who Don’t Drink Alcohol” in Harper’s Bazaar and I love that it runs the gamut of different kinds of celebrities and different kinds of folks who don’t drink–some of these celebs have never had a drink, some suffered and recovered from multiple additions, and some gave up alcohol just because they didn’t like the way they felt when they drank.

Anyway, it was just kind of a nice reminder that we’re not alone. 🙂

Now that it’s starting to “cool off” here in Vegas (…the high is only 99! and we get down almost 75 at night, whhhaaattttttt…?!)

I thought I would feature an outdoor area, especially as we head into some of Vegas’ nicest months–September and October.

The Park is an outdoor area located between the Monte Carlo and the New York, New York and is unique in that it’s one of the few outdoor open spaces on The Strip.

A view of The Park looking towards Monte Carlo

!melk architecture, who designed the space, was inspired by the Mojave Desert itself in their creation of The Park, pulling inspiration in color and texture for the outdoor area.

A view of “Bliss Dance” by Marco Cochrane

In addition to focusing on outdoor gardens and trees, The Park also features a 40-foot tall sculpture by Marco Cochrane, a long time Burning Man artist.

Bliss Dance, as she is called, brings a fun element to the outdoor area alongside the treelike statues she hovers over.

Bruxie is just one of the many more affordable options at The Park

After you walk around a bit you’ll probably be hungry for some grub…the great thing about The Park is the large number of restaurants available to patronize!


My pick is Shake Shake…I’m a bit biased because when I lived in NYC this was one of my favorite indulgences and I thought I’d never get to enjoy it again…!

But even if I’d never had it prior to living here, I think I’d be smitten.

They have vegetarian options, non-alcoholic drink options that aren’t just a soda fountain (their lemonade is to die for….) and SHAKES.

Did I mention their shakes? They have both classic and seasonal flavors that are always delicious…even writing about this right now I feel like I’m going to have to go back soon because I’m dreaming of their food!

And in terms of pricing, this is one of the lower priced places you could enjoy on The Strip.

This vendor wasn’t open, but it made me laugh so hard! JUST HATS!

If you’re looking for a bit of an outdoor oasis after walking through lots of dark casinos, this is the place.

You could spend an hour or so just enjoying the upcoming pleasant weather, doing a bit of Las Vegas people watching, and just generally recharge.

One final look at Bliss Dance…!

I hope that next time you’re out here you’ll make time to visit The Park and enjoy all it has to offer!

Thanks for reading and happy sobering friends!

12 thoughts on “Sober in Vegas: Sober-Friendly Strip Tips #8, “The Park”

  1. Last time I was there, they were still working on it. I haven’t been back since, but doesn’t the Tropicana still offer free parking?

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    1. it’s definitely worth a trip back now that it’s all done and once it cools off a bit! 🙂 I’m not sure about the Trop, but it wasn’t very much to park at the New York New York for an hour or two (might have even been under $10?)! I think the places that are still free are more shopping based (I think the Fashion Show might still be free!) but that’s on the other end…so would be a bit of a walk! Depending on the weather and how long you’re there might be worth the few bucks to park nearby! 🙂


  2. I was in Vegas 2 times, once as a little kid, and once 2 years ago…On that trip we did the whole trip in 24 hours, as it was my nieces wedding and we couldn’t stay any longer.
    Needless to say, we didn’t see much!

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