The Fractured Prune Donuts and She Explores Post

Happy Wednesday all!

Before I inundate you with my sweet tooth, I wanted to share a little essay that She Explores published of mine, How the Outdoors of Southern Nevada Keeps Me Sober.

I have been a big fan of their podcast and website, and it was truly an honor to have them accept my submission. ❤

Here’s a little excerpt, and if you want to read the full article you can do so here:

“Las Vegas isn’t the first place you think of when you want to get sober. Actually, I’m not sure what I used to think when I thought about getting sober, but it certainly wasn’t my hometown out west. I moved back to Las Vegas in 2015 with four weeks of sobriety under my belt hoping to heal the fresh wounds of being laid off from my dream job working for a world-renowned theatre in Chicago.   

February is the perfect time to move to Las Vegas. It’s sunny, dry, and moderate, the complete opposite of the midwest in winter. Upon arriving back to a state I’d only spent about a year in over the past decade with no job, few friends, and a gaping hole where alcohol used to live, I tried to figure out what I used to do before I drank.”

Onto today’s alcohol-free feature, The Fractured Prune.

I felt like I should write about them this week as June 2nd is National Donut Day, and they have some of the dreamiest donuts I’ve ever tasted.

Coffee is available in addition to donuts at Fractured Prune

Located at Flamingo and the 215, they open on weekdays at 6am and weekends at 7am, and are open until 10pm every day but Sunday (when they close at 9pm).

The menu to choose your glaze and toppings for each donut!

Here’s why they have become my favorite donut place as of late…YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE GLAZE TOPPING COMBOS FOR EACH DONUT AND THEY ARE MADE RIGHT THAT MINUE!

Yes, that necessitated all caps. ALL CAPS PEOPLE.

img_4546.jpgAs you can see above, this is the dough being fried right when you order.

If you’re like me and get a bit overwhelmed by so many options, you can also choose their recommended combos.Then each of your donuts is topped with your choice of glazes and toppings, above and below are some views of all the options…it’s A LOT!

img_4550.jpgWe happened over here when we had family visiting from out of town, and they LOVED it.

It was such a treat to have warm fresh made custom donuts at the house, and if I’m being honest…I wished we’d gotten more than six!

 Our final six donuts, two of which are bacon covered…not my thing but our guests loved them!

I love adding another fun place to the alcohol-free list here in Vegas, especially because Fractured Prune is open late.

I’m getting hungry even writing this post, and I’m looking forward to celebrating National Donut Day this week! 🙂

Thank you all for reading and happy sobering friends!


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  1. Good Lord, this looks like a delicious place to visit! It’s not far from me either but I’m too heavy already. Have a couple for me won’t you! ❤️😌

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