Sober-Friendly Strip Tips #7, The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian 

Before I get into today’s post, I wanted to just list out a few things that are bringing me joy this week. 🙂

In no particular order they are:

The Unruffled Podcast: I love the way Tammi and Sondra discuss creativity, art, sobriety, friendship, and community since they intersect for so many of us.

Season 2 of Master of None: Aziz, you done it again. Be still my heart with those sweeping cinematic shots of NYC and those oh so complicated human relationships!

The Aww Subreddit: Because sometimes when you feel down or weird or tired all you need is a dose of fuzz to get you back up.

Okay, onto the 7th Edition of Sober-Friendly Strip Tips….

The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian are a great way to spend an afternoon on the Strip.

They have diverse vendors, the decoration and design is spectacular, and there’s even free live entertainment to boot.

One nice perk about the Grand Canal Shoppes–you can go here without even having to set foot inside the casino area.

By entering the shops directly from Las Vegas Blvd. If you enter via the outdoor plaza area near the large fountain and canal, you can bypass the casino entirely if you enter through the plaza doors.

Some folks love the casino atmosphere, but for me, I try and find ways to bypass it so I’m not tempted to drink.

In addition to the fun atmosphere this mall has, they also have really great dining options, both coffee shop type places like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, quick serve sit down, and fine dining options.

You can view a full list here, to plan and see if there is anything up your alley for your visit!

After you’ve filled up on something delicious, you can start to explore the awesome lineup of vendors the Grand Canal Shoppes have.

They have a Basin White, which is a nice place to spend a few dollars if you’re like me and want to retreat to your room after your day out and about.  This is a perfect place to buy a bath bomb or bath salt if your hotel room has a nice tub!

Lumas also has a gallery here, which is a fun stop to be able to make in a mall.

Their photography is always interesting and their artwork is relatively affordable for most folks who are looking to buy a souvenir for their Vegas trip (ie. some artwork is available for under $40) .

Growing up here in Vegas, The Venetian and the Grand Canal Shoppes in particular, were a place we would always come as teenagers.

The energy here is fun, people always seem to be enjoying themselves, and where else can you see indoor gondoliers singing their hearts out?!

The other great thing about the Grand Canal Shoppes is that they are a perfect refuge in the summer.

If any of you have visited our fair city between May-October, you know how scorching that sun can be.

Inside of the Grand Canal Shoppes it’s cool, dark, perfectly manicured, and relaxed. It’s basically a dream when you’ve been walking up and down the Strip in and out of loud smokey casino floors.

So if you’re here and looking to experience a different kind of retail, remember you can always venture to Venice!

Thank you for reading and happy sobering friends!

13 thoughts on “Sober-Friendly Strip Tips #7, The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian 

  1. It’s a neat one to walk around! I think that one and Miracle Mile (with the fake thunderstorm) are two of my favourites to window shop in or to casually walk around. I’m like you and like to avoid the casinos! haha

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  2. Thanks for the nice mention at the top of your post! I’m coming to Vegas June 4th thru 8th. This is so helpful. xo

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    1. Hooray! I was so happy to mention the blog because I’ve so enjoyed listening to it. 🙂 And if you need any tips for your Vegas trip please please feel free to contact me, I really love being from here and getting the word out that this city has so much to offer us sober folks. ❤


  3. Awesome pics! We went to the Venetian yesterday it was amazing. You know that soap shop? I was talking to the lady inn there, she was born and raised in Las Vegas. How cool is that!
    The ceiling was mind blowing.
    Thanks again for your ongoing inspiration and support. Really appreciate all that you do xoxo

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    1. i’m so happy you made it over there–it’s such a nice haven off of the strip! 🙂 and that soap shop is sooooo dreamy….! I have to be careful when I’m there not to indulge too much! and see, there are some of us out there…by that I mean us locals! 🙂 hang in there today and can’t wait to hear about the rest of your adventures! ❤

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